Cortland Karate Center offers classes in traditional martial arts methodologies.  Classes are divided into Adult, Junior, Kobudo, Batto-Do and Tai Chi.  These classes help with overall fitness, flexibility, strength as well as self-esteem and confidence.  You will learn, punches, blocks, kicks, balance, and overall awareness all in one challenging, dynamic workout.


Adult Class (Ages 13 and over):

Adult classes are held twice a week, and members may attend as many classes as they wish.  Classes are 90 minutes and typically consist of warm-ups, basics, drills, and kata.


Junior Class (Ages up to 13):

The benefits for children enrolled in martial arts include:  enhanced self-esteem, self-discipline and increased focus, just to name a few.  At Cortland Karate Center, young people learn how to defend themselves and are instilled with an increase in agility, strength, concentration and confidence.