Batto-do means “The art of drawing a sword”.  At Cortland Karate Center, we teach Batto-do based on the teachings of Shihan Demura.  This is an art that cannot be learned overnight, rather the methods and techniques can take years to master.  In the Batto-do class, students learn proper stances, grip, correct drawing, and Chiburi/Nou-Tou (placement of the sword back into the Saya) and kata.


There are 8 kata which teach the student to cut in different directions and use both single- and double-handed cuts. We have now incorporated the additional Sho Shin Shya (Kome) kata as developed by Shihan Fumio Demura as a basic introduction to the Toyama Style and will aid beginners in understanding he types of cuts used in Toyama


Batto-Do is only available to currently enrolled Karate students.